The Counter Counterfeit Commission (CCC) has launched a website for the apparent purpose of enabling motorists to detect fake MINI Coopers. The CCC say:
"At the CCC, we're dedicated to putting an end to the victimization associated with purchasing a counterfeit MINI Cooper. We cooperate with MINI and international law enforcement to pursue criminals. But there's one other crucial partner we need to recruit: YOU. We can't do this without YOU. Educate yourself about the problem. Learn how to detect a fake. Know when you're being hoodwinked. Together, we can put an end to this appalling injustice. Together, we can make our streets genuine once again".
Adrants (scroll to Friday 18 February) has outed this earnest effort as a marketing ploy, designed for car makers BMW by Crispin Porter + Bogusky:
"The site has a photo collection of tricked out vehicles purported to be fake Minis. It also has video footage of a police dogs sniffing out fake Minis trying to make their way into the country, a $19.99 consumer alert DVD detailing the apparent underworld of counterfeit Minis and even a phone number answered with a message machine by a guy code named "Bosco" claiming to be doing undercover work in Brazil and Copacabana".
The IPKat loves the idea. If a marketing ploy can have some educative or practical function, so much the better for consumers.

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