The New York Times reports that the US Chamber of Commerce is calling on Robert B. Zoellick, the United States trade representative, to bring China before the WTO. The Chamber of Commerce is arguing that by failing to crack down on counterfeiting and piracy, China is not meeting its international obligations and is renaging on commitments it made last year.

Said Myron A. Brilliant, vice president for Asia at the Chamber of Commerce, "China is public enemy No. 1 when it comes to theft of intellectual property rights…The Chinese made some great promises last year but the situation has only worsened."

This move marks an about face for the Chamber of Commerce, which has previously resisted moves to bring China before the WTO regarding currency practices and labour practices.

A cynical IPKat suspects that China’s failure to enforce IP rights means that the companies that make up the Chamber of Commerce lose out financially, while poor labour standards may work to the financial benefit of those companies.

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