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Monday, 21 March 2005


According to Ananova, Swiss authorities are planning to wrap mountain glaciers with tin foil this summer in an effort to stop them melting. Carlo Danioth, head of mountain rescue services in Andermatt, said: "We will initially cover around 30,000 square feet on the upper Gurschen glacier at the beginning of May as a test." Scientists hope that the high-tech foil will prevent the sun's rays from melting the ice in popular ski resorts during the summer months. Environmental groups have however criticised the plan as "absurd".

Foil: more commonly used to keep items warm, not to keep them cool

The IPKat is fascinated by this development. First, he wonders whether the foil-wrapped glaciers are protected by copyright as artistic works. Secondly, he wonders if Christo -- the king of wrapped artworks -- might object to the apparent emulation of an art form he has made his own.

Art under wraps: Christo's wrapped coast and wrapped trees; Edelmann's wrapped mountain
Wrapped glaciers here

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