The IPKat received a sweet little book in his post this weekend -- Indian IP Laws, prepared by Indian patent and trade mark attorneys Chandrakant M. Joshi, Mumbai and distributed with that firm's compliments. This book carries full colour photos of life in the firm's office, plus a helpful map that shows India and her geographical relationship to her closest neighbours. Then comes the statute law on patents, trade marks and designs. Alas, the text of the Copyright Act is missing, even though the cover design features an attractive little copyright sign among the other IP symbols.

The Chandrakant M. Joshi logo

The IPKat notes that this little book also quotes extensively from the unknown poet who wrote The Value of Time (click here for full version: CM Joshi only use the bit that runs from "To realize the value of ONE YEAR ..." to "Silver Medal in the Olympics"). He's delighted to see such cultural pretensions bursting forth in this particular sector of the legal profession. Merpel is more cynical: "of course they value time -- they probably bill their clients by the hour".

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