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Wednesday, 6 April 2005


After being pursued by the Commission and then savaged by the European Court of Justice for failing to implement the Directive on Copyright and the Information Society in Gibraltar, Her Majesty's Britannic Government has done the honourable thing. A piece of suitably subordinate legislation, the Copyright (Gibraltar) Order 2005 (2005 No.853) was made on 22 March and came into force on that very same day.

Worried about the age of InfoTec, a Barbary Ape searches a colleague for hidden bugs

The IPKat says, it's 20 pages long and full of really exciting things about Gibraltarian copyright -- so check out the new law before you go aping the works of others. Merpel says "is this something to do with protecting Rock music?"

Gibraltar: a citadel of Rock culture

Case C-88/04 Commission v United Kingdom here

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