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Saturday, 9 April 2005


The Register reports that Napster has gained 143,000 new subscribers in the past quarter, making a grand total of 410,000. Nearly a third of Napster's US subscribers (56,000) are at universities - which means that the company's strategy of marketing towards colleges is succeeding. A Register mole has apparently revealed that she and some of her student pals share a single Napster account to reduce the cost of subscribing. Apparently it's a relatively common practice for one person to pay for the £9.95 per month Napster account, distributing the username and password among several others. Our contact couldn't remember exactly how many people she'd given the details to, but stated that she knew for certain at least two other people who used her account on a regular basis. Napster says this can't happen and that the simultaneous use by two people of the same account details will result in the previous user being logged out within five minutes ...

Napster: music downloads for the coolest cats

The IPKat has great admiration for students' efforts to save money. Knowing how expensive their text books are, thanks to the massive royalties paid to their authors, they are bound to make every effort to reduce their outgoings elsewhere.

More on students sharing here and here
How to cheat here and here

Student sharing: can improve the performance of under-achievers ...

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