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Tuesday, 10 May 2005


Shrinking stripes?

This bizarre item comes to the IPKat via Brand Republic.

Adidas' entire global sports sponsorship portfolio is under threat following last week's decision by the International Olympic Committee to restrict the use of the brand's distinctive three-stripe design on apparel. [...] the group of rival manufacturers that lobbied the IOC over the use of Adidas' stripes now plans to approach other sports governing bodies. The group includes Nike, Reebok and Puma. Insiders have suggested that their case is strong, given the precedent set by the IOC, which ruled that Adidas must limit its branding on apparel to a 20cm2 logo. Adidas will face a multimillion-pound bill if it is forced to restructure its entire portfolio.

The international sign of integrity? Or of cynical commercialism?

Among the sports associations thought to be on the rival manufacturers' hitlist are the IAAF (athletics), Fifa (football), ATP (tennis) and IRB (rugby). At stake are the brand's kit supply deals at events such as the football and rugby World Cups. The action could even stretch to national leagues, affecting UK deals with Chelsea and Newcastle United.

Adidas refused to comment, adding that it would only respond in the event of official action against its current use of the design.

The IPKat is puzzled. Is this some sort of a joke? Presumably Nike, Puma and Reebok are just as willing to shrink the scale of their own ubiquitous emblems. Merpel wonders what the IOC's position would be if the amount of money it extracted from sponsors was directly proportional to the size of logo the sponsor was allowed to use.

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