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Tuesday, 10 May 2005


Boston Business Journal reports that iRobot, the makers of military and consumer robots is suing Uras Industrial Corp for infringement of its patent, copyright and trade dress rights in its Roomba vacuum cleaner. iRobot claims that Uras’ Koolvac KV-1 cleaner infringes its IP rights.

According to iRobot’s attorney, the Koolvac

"is a closely studied reproduction" of iRobot's consumer vacuum Roomba…IRobot
has worked very hard to build the trust with its customers that accompanies a
successful brand, and we are concerned that people may think this inferior
product is made by our company.

No – not that one…

The IPKat is rather surprised that between them, Apple and Isaac Asimov didn’t put a stop to iRobot…

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