Another batch of copyright and design decisions has been published in Sweet & Maxwell's bimonthly European Copyright and Design Reports. Cases appearing in English include the following:
* Le Serveur Administratif SSA v Ehrmann (Cour de Cassation, France): on whether the courts can order the disconnection of servers used for infringing purposes;
* DaimlerChrysler's Swedish Design Application (Patent Court of Appeal, Sweden): considers the relationship between different designs in a "family" of cars, in the context of a design's novelty;

Wedding photo controversy: do cakes have any rights in photos taken by third parties?

* Wedding Photographs (Data Protection Authority, Athens): on the control of negatives and the right to exploit wedding photos;
* Tlumaczenie (Supreme Court, Poland): is it a defence to an action for copyright infringement to say that the claimant's design qualified for certification but was uncertified?

If you know of any interesting copyright and/or design cases that you would like to see reported, please let the IPKat know here.
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