According to the USPTO website, the Americans are in town. As part of their Strategy Targeting Organized Piracy (STOP!), a high-powered delegation of US trade, intellectual property and customs officials will meet with German, UK, French and European Commission officials between 6 and 10 June.

The purpose of the visit is for the US officials to learn about European enforcement methods and to share ideas for preventing counterfeits from coming to market, which include standardizing trademark registration, improved law enforcement methods, cooperation and training and enhancing the investigation and prosecution of money laundering crimes associated with trade in counterfeit products.

According to Commerce Secretary Carlos Gutierrez

“President Bush understands that innovation is America’s key competitive
advantage in the global marketplace. The Commerce Department has been working
closely with businesses, large and small, to crack down on intellectual theft
from the first days of this Administration. We look forward to working with our
European partners in an aggressive, unified fight against intellectual property

Uncle Sam wants YOU to respect his IP rights

The IPKat wonders how much difference there is between the US and the European nations on this issue. He’d also love to hear the European side of the aims of this meeting.

Some fellow-countrymen who have gone before them here, here and here
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