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Thursday, 23 June 2005


The July-August double issue of Sweet & Maxwell's European Trade Mark Reports has now been published, once again more than a week ahead of schedule. Cases reported in English in this jumbo issue include the first instalment of the German Home Depot case (a battle between Home Depot and Bauhaus over use of the term HOME DEPOT), Black & Decker's successful assault in Turkey on unwanted competition from HARVEY DECKER and BLACK DECKER, the French tussle in Brasserie Fischer v Interbrew over a trade mark for a frosted glass beer bottle and the resolution before the Polish Supreme Administrative Court of the question whether the marks ELMONTAZ and ELEKTROMONTAZ were confusingly similar for electrical goods and services.

If you know of any interesting cases that you'd like to see reported in the European Trade Mark Reports, please email the IPKat here.

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