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Sunday, 10 July 2005


Ski Racing reports that the relatives of Alfons Walde, the man who designed the logo for Austria’s Hahnenkamm skiing race, are seeking compensation. He designed the logo in 1930 for the Kitzbuehel Ski Club but there is no record of his having been paid. Walde died 1958. In May the Austrian Supreme Court recognised the right of Walde’s estate to compensation for the use of the logo but the estate allowed the town of Kitzbuehel to use the logo until a compensation package was agreed. However, the authority has expressed concern at a demand by the family for a 70,000 euro licence fee, and now the Walde estate are threatening to stop the authority from using the logo.

This case very much reminds the IPKat of Griggs v Evans, a case concerning the copyright in a logo that had been designed by a freelance designer to be used as a trade mark.

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