1 You can have it in Latvian ...

... or indeed Lithuanian, Polish and any EU language except English, French, Maltese and Slovene. It's Case T-242/02 Sunrider v OHIM, decided today by the Court of First Instance of the European Communities. The IPKat would love to tell you what the ruling in this Community trade mark appeal is all about, but he can't. Would any kind reader care to help?

2 ... and here's another one!

Also posted on the Curia website this morning is Case T-40/03 Julián Murúa Entrena v OHIM, Bodegas Murúa, SA. Once again, the IPKat welcomes information concerning this decision. He doesn't have a clue what it's about, but the figurative mark on the left looms large on its web pages.

3 Point to ponder

Having spent an exhausting couple of days marking University of London LLB Intellectual Property Law scripts, the IPKat has a question. He wonders why is it that so many students, reading the word "registrable" so many times in their textbooks, in legal judgments and in articles in the IP journals, still persist in spelling it "registerable". Also, why do they persist in knocking the final "n" off the name "Hoffmann" (as in (i) Lord Hoffmann (right, the judge who authored last year's big patent infringement ruling in Kirin-Amgen and (ii) that popular litigant Hoffmann-La Roche?).

4 Abject apologies

Those of you who receive your posts by email will have received a semi-written version of this blog. Alas, the IPKat panicked when his phone rang at the same moment as his doorbell and he pressed his paw down on the "Post" button instead of "Save".

This actually triggers a significant issue: people who rely on the email circulars should remember that the blog they receive is always the IPKat's "first shot"; the text is sometimes revised so that typos can be airbrushed out, split infinitives removed and manifest errors corrected. In other words, it may be worth clicking through to the website to see if the blog you've received is the same as the blog that remains on the website.
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