Has Philips had a close shave?

Does anybody know the result of Philips v Remington, due to be decided today by the Court of Appeal? All the IPKat's usual sources have failed him, and his whiskers are getting twitchy in anticipation...

The IPKat promises to share. If you want to tip him off anonymously, that's fine too.

Trade marks event

The IPKat has received notice of the following event run by Own-It:

Getting it Registered - Free Trademark Event
Date: Tuesday 21 February 2006
Time: 6.00 - 8.00 pm
Location: Rootstein Hopkins Space, London College of Fashion, John Princes Street, London W1

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Own It gets a lot of questions and enquiries regarding trademarks, whether they are appropriate, what is the value of getting this type of IP protection, how do you search and register and what are the costs etc. This Own It event on trademarks will be given by Gareth Hicks of The Patent Office and will answer all of these questions and provide all the information you need to know before you take the next step in the legal process.
Aspects that will be covered in the talk include: What to consider before applying for a trademark - Searching the trade marks database - How to apply to register your trade mark - Case studies - acceptable/unacceptable trade marks - The various trade mark registration systems - Unusual trade marks - The Patent Office website There will plenty of opportunity to ask questions at the end of the session.

Please note that you will need to have an understanding of intellectual property to benefit from this talk.

Speaker: Gareth Hicks Gareth Hicks is Team Leader of the Trade Marks preliminary search and advisory department and is also an ex-parte Hearing Officer. He started in the Trade Marks Directorate of the Patent Office in 1992 as a trade marks examiner.

Event sponsors: The Patent Office -
Location map:
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The IPKat thinks it looks rather good.
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