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…on Monday 23 January (this Monday!) Kamen Shoylev, a research student at Durham University, will be speaking about transformative use in copyright law. The session will take place at 12.30pm in the IP Seminar Room of QMIPRI, Charterhouse Square – feel free to come along.

Transformers (right) - original works in disguise?

Anheuser-Busch wins again

Prague Daily Monitor reports that Budejovicky Budvar has lost an appeal against the Swedish Municipal Court’s decision that it cannot used the term BUDWEISER as a trade mark. However, the Court of Appeal in Stockholm has found that the Czech firm may use BUDEJOVICKY BUDVAR trade mark in Sweden. The Czech company has said that it may yet appeal to the Swedish Supreme Court.

The IPKat would be grateful if any of his readers can furnish him with more information regarding this decision.
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