Trade Marks at the Limit

IPKat co-blogmeister Jeremy is editing a collection of essays, Trade Marks at the Limit, which should be published this May by Edward Elgar Publishing. These essays, written by legal practitioners, consultants and IP owners from the UK, the US and 13 other jurisdictions, focus on the limits of trade mark protection and on the unauthorised uses of another's trade mark that are nonetheless permitted by the law. Examples include comparative advertising, parody, referential use, nominative fair use and freedom of speech.

Contributors to this book include Susie Middlemiss and Steven Warner (Slaughter and May), Bruce Proctor (Diageo), Mark Bezant (LECG) and Dawn Franklin (BrandRight). Writing on the European Court of Justice decision on when and how the makers of compatible products can use the trade mark GILLETTE is Rainer Hilli (Roschier Holmberg), who acted in that case. There are plenty more attractions, including industry focuses on the financial services sector and the repackaging of pharma products.

If you'd like to be notified when final details of this book are available, just click here and let Jeremy know.
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