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Saturday, 4 February 2006


February’s sparkly issue of the EIPR has landed on the IPKat’s doormat. Treats in this issue are:

*Nicola Isaacs (University of Plymouth) on whether the UK should scrap its relative grounds search for the registration of trade marks
*Alexander Tsoutsanis (Klos Morel Vos & Schaap) on Art.5(5) of Directive 89/104 and the absence of a “use in commerce” requirement
*Susan Corbett on human rights and IP protection of databases
*Kirstin Huniar on the effect of the Enforcement Directive on UK law
*Li Luo on the legal protection of technological measures in China
*Ron Moscona (Clifford Chance) on Newman v Adlem, the sale of goodwill and the right to use one’s own name
*Adrian Toutoungi (Linklaters) on EFTA and the exhaustion of rights
*Carlo Rusconi (OHIM) on the legality of OHIM’s procedure for notifying decisions by fax
*Claire Howell (Aston Business School) on Goemar and genuine use
*Correspondence between John Tessenshohn (Shusaku Yamamoto) and Yunjoo Lee and Malcolm Langley (QMIPRI) on employees’ inventions
*The usual roundup of book reviews
*Amanda Maclachlan’s (Allen & Overy) review of UK statutory instruments in force.

The IPKat says tuck in!

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