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The February/March 2006 issue of Intellectual Asset Management, published by Globe White Page, carries a massive supplement entitled IP Value 2006. This supplement, subtitled 'Building and enforcing intellectual property value: an international guide for the boardroom', is an interesting collection of things every boardroom will indeed want to know about (transfer pricing, securitisation, proposed US tax reform, enforcement of US patents outside the US, outsourcing) together with things which - if they ever got as far as the boardroom - would be regarded with surprise, curiosity or alarm (how to file a patent in Venezuela, fighting pirates in Cyprus, limits to free speech in Argentine trade mark law).

The IAM itself reports on the evolution of the new terminology of "I-stuff" (a term the IPKat has yet to hear anyone use seriously; Merpel adds, don't search for "I-stuff" on the internet unless you've a strong stomach). There are also good reports on how US patent infringement cases are becoming fewer in number but more valuable and on the resurgence of IP in the Japanase economy.

Full contents of current issue here.
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