IPKat Haiku competition

This is where the IPKat gets to announce the winner of his Haiku Competition. The prize, remember, is a complimentary place at CLT's Copying Without Infringing conference on Thursday 23 March. Well, Graeme Fearon (Thring Townsend) is our Haiku Laureate, having sent in these two wonderful efforts:
Original works -
Blooms of creativity.
Please don't pick the flowers


I found this haiku
On the web. I can copy
So I may, n'est-ce pas?
A close second is Miri Frankel (Beanstalk Group, NY), with her ode to the ECJ ruling in Arsenal v Reed:

Reeds would be rich and
Teams poor if courts accept badge
Of support defence.
Other commendations go to Barbara Cookson, Caroline Day, Gino van Roeyen (anything that begins "Fresh infringing spring ..." can't be all that bad).

World's best poetry here
World's worst poetry here

IPKat Spot the Fish competition

It's also both the time and the plaice to announce the winner of the IPKat's Spot the Fish Competition. The prize is a complimentary place at CLT's 8th Annual Information Technology Law conference on Tuesday 21 March.

The sole winner (who skated it) is James Heath (News International), whose entry appears at the end of this post. No carping, please. James, you'll soon be herring from CLT ...

Commendations go to Matthew Rippon (Watson Burton), Andrea Glorioso (for his learned essay on Christians and fish symbolism), Jeffrey Chau and Davyd Chong.
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