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Wednesday, 8 March 2006


Crazy trade mark cases from the US of A.

* The Miami Herald reports that the owner of Neiman Barkus, The House of Doggy Style, a pampered pooch store, is being sued for dilution by retailer Neiman Markus. It is also claimed that his domain name is an example of cybersquatting. Neiman Markus is seeking damages and an account of profits, but the owner of Neiman Barkus has expressed his determination to fight.

* Businessweek reports that the makers of MARSHMALLOW FLUFF are suing Williams Sonoma. The dispute surrounds the term FLUFFNUTTER, which has been used for a combination of MARSHMALLOW FLUFF and peanut butter. Now however, Williams-Sonoma are producing a chocolate-covered peanut butter candy which is being sold under the FLUFFNUTTER mark.

The IPKat says doggy style? fluffnutter? Perhaps these marks have lost something in the transition from US to UK English.

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