JIPLP strikes again

The electronic version of the March 2006 issue of the Journal of Intellectual Property Law and Practice has been available online for a month or so - but let's not forget that you can read it on paper too. There are some great features this time around. How about these for starters:
* Simon Stokes (a partner in London law firm Tarlo Lyons) reviews the mismatch between artistic copyright rules and current conceptions as to what constitutes art;

* Leading solicitor-turned-barrister Anna Carboni (left, now of Wilberforce Chambers) dissects the interface between Community trade mark and Community design law and elucidates the ways in which overlap can be exploited;

* International scholar Lior Zemer (Universities of Boston and Leicester, soon to be teaching IP at University College London) takes a critical view of the laws governing authorship and ownership of collaborative works in US and UK law, offering some suggestions for reform;

* TRIPs guru Daniel Gervais (University of Ottawa, right) describes and explains the current and likely future shifts of law and policy in terms of global IP policy - and shows how relevant it is to IP businesses worldwide;

* Maria Isabel Manley and Anna Wray (Bristows, London) give vent to some powerful criticisms of the position taken by the European Commission against AstraZeneca on the legitimacy of withdrawing pharmaceutical product authorisations.
IPKat co-blogmeister Jeremy is always interested in receiving bright and exciting new ideas for articles and other features in JIPLP. He's also happy to hear from prospective authors - but remember, all published content is peer-reviewed ... If you want to make any suggestions to him, you can email him here. For free sample issue, click here. For subscription details, click here.
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