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Monday, 13 March 2006


More protected geographical terminology

Commission Regulation 417/2006 adds another selection of foods to the heaving pile of protected geographical indications. Latest additions are as follows (PDO = protected designation of origin, PGI = protected geographical indication):

Oils and fats (butter, margarine, oils, etc.)
SPAIN: Montes de Granada (PDO), Aceite de la Rioja (PDO), Antequera (PDO)
FRANCE: Huile d’olive de Nice (PDO)

Fruit, vegetables, cereals, whether or not processed
SPAIN: Pimiento Asado del Bierzo (PGI, above, right)
ITALY: Fico Bianco del Cilento (PDO, left); Melannurca Campana (PGI)
The IPKat warns: do not dare use these terms, of even think of doing so, unless you are sure that you are only using them in respect of products that correspond to a swathe of technical data. "Huile d'olive de Nice" does not, alas, mean olive oil from Nice (which you'd better call 'bubble bath from Peru', to be on the safe side).

Request for advice

One of the IPKat's small practitioner friends asks, through this blog, if any reader can recommend any intellectual property case management software, ideally loaded up with standard letters and precedents. Something that "suits a small practice but would have room for growth" would be best. If any of our readers can recommend anything, please email the IPKat here and he'll forward the message.

Merpel says, she might be small but she's bigger than me ...

More from IAM

Intellectual Asset Management magazine has just sent the IPKat two more handsome and very readable "key issues" supplements. The first, IP Value in the Life Science Industries, focuses on IP in terms of investment value when leading bio-breakthroughs on the long march from laboratory to the marketplace. The second, From IP to IPO 2006, is the second edition of IAM's pioneering supplement on commercialising university technology - an area in which the US seems to produce some brilliant results while much of the rest of the world just produces red tape and objections.

Details of IAM here. Free sample for those who enjoy form-filling here. IAM's IP Hall of Fame here. Other Halls of Fame here and here.

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