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Tuesday, 23 May 2006


Talking turkey

The Business reports on turkey troubles in the UK. Unilever intends to start using DRUMSTERS as a mark for turkey products. However, Bernard Matthews owns the registration for DRUMMERS and has been selling GOLDEN DRUMMERS in the UK since 1985. A Bernard Matthews spokesman has said that a claim form has been issued in the High Court.

The IPKat reckons that it’s a fact of life that turkeys have drumsticks and that once this is the case, other companies will try to use witty plays on this term.

Own-It Events

The IPKat has learnt of the following events taking place in Manchester and London:

:: Free Trade mark event - Manchester ::

By protecting their trade marks, creative businesses can create a strong brand identity that customers will believe in, while preventing others from trading off their creative endeavours.

This FREE event Own It ( are putting on in Manchester for Creative Businesses covers "everything you need to know about trade marks". Please feel free to include on your website/publication or notify anyone you think may be interested:

Getting it Registered - Everything you need to know about trade marks
Date: Tuesday 06 June 2006
Time: 2.00 - 4.00 pm plus refreshments
Location: BPP Law School, St James' Building, 79 Oxford Street,
Manchester M1 6FQ

This free seminar will explain how and why you should protect your business or charity's logo, brand and name, registering trademarks, what you should consider before applying for a trade mark, how to


Guy said...

When I want to reward my cats for particularly good behaviour turkey drumsticks are the answer. One drumstick feeds three cats for three days. Two as raw meat and the third from the stewed bone. They are remarkably inexpensive at less than a pound each.

Ilanah said...

I get fed turkey drumsticks too. Don't think it's for good behaviour though.

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