ABC News reports that an alliance of film interest groups, including the MPAA, has launched the latest weapon in the fight against piracy – sniffer dogs. The dogs are to be trained to detect CDs and DVDs by their unique smell. Eventually it is hoped that the canine cops will be able discern between large numbers of discs and small numbers of discs, but at present, even individual discs will set their tongues wagging.

Currently there are just two such sniffer dogs operating. Lucky and Flo work out of the FedEx shipping centre at Stanstead Airport. They are yet to track down an illegitimate shipment, but the plan is to install the barking snoops in all airports.

The IPKat is concerned. As far as he was aware, it’s legal to take CDs and DVDs on holiday with you, and even to bring some back. As things stand, it seems like the dogs will lead to lots of holiday makers who have been acting lawfully being bothered.
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