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Tuesday, 23 May 2006


Sole and Small IP Practitioners' Meeting: latest news

Right: you're never alone if you practise IP ...

Shireen Smith has asked the IPKat to post these details of the next meeting (to which all readers are cordially welcome). The meeting takes place at the Old Bank of England, on Wednesday 7 June 2006 and you can pay at the door (just £10). Details of the venue and how to get there can be found here.

"The proposed programme is as follows:

6.00-6.30pm Networking.

Left: a tasty pub snack for the discerning IP practitioner

6.30-7.00 Barbara Cookson (Filemot) will lead a discussion about where there might be opportunities for a network of sole practitioners to market their skills to the international market on the basis that the resource of skilled and enthusiastic individuals prepared to offer a personal service is much better than getting standard letters and long delays from larger brand-name factory competitors who charge twice the price.

7.00-7.30 Food will be served during this time, and people can network a bit more.

7.30-8.00 Jeremy Phillips (IPKat co-bloggie and IP enthusiast) will speak on the benefits of setting up a formal organisation.

8.00-8.30 Justin Patten (Human Law) will lead a discussion on blogging and how it is going to change the way that firms operate and what opportunity it provides for small firms/SPs.

8.30 onwards Any other business + discussion

Right: the vegetarian option

Ideally people should email Shireen to let her know that they are coming. She needs to know approximate numbers for putting in the food order, which she will be doing on the morning of Monday 5 June. Also, if people say they can come but know for sure before Monday 5 June that they can't in fact come, it would be very helpful of them to let her know."

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