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Wednesday, 28 June 2006


Format rights: thanks!

Yesterday IPKat co-bloggie Jeremy asked for helpful information concerning TV programme format rights. He has now been literally deluged with helpful emails from loads of readers. In the fullness of time he will personally acknowledge all responses but, in the meantime, he says a generalised "thank you" to all who answered the call.

Comments on IPKat blogs

The IPKat is happy to receive comments on his musings, which is why he has activated the "Comments" facility at the end of each posting. He doesn't think, though, that this facility is the right place for people to advertise their goods and services. This morning he deleted a comment that consisted of an advertisement for a commercial product aimed at individuals who want to file their own US patent applications. The IPKat feels that this is an abuse of the Comment facility and hopes that potential free-riders will at least have the courtesy to ask before seeking to distribute commercial content free of charge.

Fighting IP crime ... it's NIPER!

Here's a UK Patent Office press release announcing the publication last week of the National Intellectual Property Enforcement Report for 2005 (NIPER for short). The IPKat says it makes depressing reading for IP owners and legitimate businesses: he feels the main reason that intelligence and enforcement figures have improved is that there's now so much infringement that you can hardly miss it. Merpel agrees: this is a fight which, without total support from government, the courts and - most importantly - the public, we can't win. But we can't quit either.

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