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The IPKat learns that OHIM is now accepting entries for the its Annual Prize Award. This competition is open to postgraduate students registered in the 25 EU Member States of the European Union, for outstanding work in the fields of Community Trade Marks and Designs. Six prizes are to be awarded, each consisting of a cash sum of 2,500 euros, as well as a five month traineeship at OHIM for the first two winners. For further information contact Mariella Mattera.

The IPKat recalls that OHIM examiners have been under pressure to spend not more than six minutes examining individual trade mark applications; he wonders how much time per entrant will be allocated to the competition's judges.

Handbags at dawn

There's a new and quite appealing conference programme for 27 September: Intellectual Property in the Fashion Industry, organised by CLT, will be running at the Hatton Conference Centre, London. Details are either unavailable or can't be found on CLT's website, but an attractive leaflet lists the topics and speakers on the day.

Speakers include
* John Sykes (Lupton Fawcett) on fashion and design rights;

* Aaron Wood (Davenport Lyons) on strategies for dealing with the unwanted consumer (i.e. the person who buys/wears your product and makes them darn well unfashionable ...);

* Peter Langley (Origin) on the intriguing possibility of protecting the ethos that a fashion brand enjoys and

* Slaughter and May's Dominic Dryden considers strategies for keeping out-of-fashion garments out of the marketplace.
IPKat co-blogmeister Jeremy is in the chair and will also be running a workshop session. You can contact him here if you need further details.
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