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Friday, 28 July 2006


July-August Copyright World

The current issue of Informa's colourful Copyright World has just reached the IPKat. The cover story is Google v Rest of the World - at least, it must feel that way to the giant moneymaker as it seeks to take on a vast array of vested interests in mature markets and technologies with its controversial Library Project. The IPKat bets that this topic will reach saturation point, replacing even P2P filesharing as the boringly predictable PhD thesis topic that all candidates want to write.

Full list of contents here. Merpel's Must-Read: "Into the Honey Trap?", where the Copyright Terminator meets Winnie the Pooh.

July-August MIP

The July-August issue of Euromoney's Managing Intellectual Property lists the 50 most influential IP personalities of the year. Alas, after the excitement of making the list last time round, the IPKat has been consigned to the gloomy depths of oblivion. The real significance of this list is that most people who appear on it now have an unreal expectation that others will be able to spell their names correctly.

Full list of contents here. Merpel's Must-Read: "Einstein's Lesson in Mediation".

August EIPR

Its cover may not be so sexy, but the European Intellectual Property Review's publishers will tell you that it's what's under the cover that counts. The contents of the August issue - commendably published ahead of the cover date - are not yet readable online. However, the IPKat has been taking a peek and can tell you that Christopher Wadlow is serialising what looks like a magisterial account of the development of unfair competition law in the European Union.

Merpel's Must-Read: Kamiel Koelman's stimulating and provocative Opinion on the repair of deficiencies in the Berne Convention's "three-step" test for defences to copyright infringement.

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