For those of you who think that the right wing is generally pro-IP, bear in mind the St Albans Conservative party. The St Albans Observer reports that Bulgarian photographer Anna Chaleva is complaining that the party copied two of her photos from the Pictures of England website. The party’s publisher blames the website, saying he tried to contact it for permission but they didn’t respond. Chaleva is unimpressed, pointing to the fact that she was subsequently offered £2 per photo in recompense. The party agent says:
"I have acted honourably and innocently. Mr Johnston [the publisher] tells me I have no liability and until somebody tells me otherwise, I am not prepared to spend time and money pursuing it".
St Alban (left) was not available for comment

The IPKat thinks that when threats of legal action are being bandied about, it’s probably not a good idea to take legal advice from your publisher.
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