DIME Conference

Yesterday the IPKat dropped into the DIME Intellectual Property Rights for Business and Society Conference at Birkbeck, London. Highlights included:

* Martin Kretschmer (CIPPM, Bournemouth) on empirical research on the extent to which copyright royalties provide (or rather, don’t provide) authors with a livelihood

*Anna Dempsey (Birkbeck) on how information contained in patents can be used by companies to provide information (e.g. future product launches) to the market

*Jonathan D Kahn (Hamline) on how specifying the application of drugs to a specific race in patent claims has been used to effectively extend the terms of those patents within a specific market

*Graham Dutfield and Uma Suthersanen’s (Queen Mary) ambitious and ongoing attempt to map creativity

*Johanna Gibson’s (Queen Mary) account of how patents for single uses in the field of genetics can unwittingly lead to patents for all uses

Help wanted!

IPKat co-blogmeister Ilanah dreams of building up a teaching resource for undergraduate and post-graduate IP students, consisting of samples of items which were the subject of successful or unsuccessful IP litigation. The idea would be to show these objects to students to bring the cases to life. Can anybody help her by providing such objects? If so, please email here.
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