The IPKat has been working his way through two recent issues of IP publications: the Bio-Science Law Review and Managing Intellectual Property.

Managing Intellectual Property. The September 2006 issue of MIP carries special focuses on Europe and Singapore. The Europe focus includes an interview with European Patent Office President Alain Pompidou (below, right) and asks why the International Trademark Association - which some say is still a throwback to its earlier existence as the United States Trademark Association - has opened an office in Brussels. The Singapre focus is less political, more legal in its content, as representatives of Nokia, Epson and Hewlett-Packard have their say on the state of IP protection there.

Full contents of this issue may be perused here

Bio-Science Law Review. Its numbering system is as enigmatic as usual (with 2007 beckoning, this is issue 1 of volume 8, 2005/2006), but publishers Lawtext have thrown up another agreeably interesting read. The issue opens with a challenging view of Cambridge University's invention ownership policy by solicitor/patent attorney Alasdair Poore (Mills & Reeve), and there's also quite a promising account of plant variety protection in Egypt by Bronwen Jones (a research student at the University of Newcastle on Tyne).
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