October EIPR

October’s IP-packed EIPR is now gracing the nation’s finest bookshelves. Owners of its silky silver sheets can treat themselves to the following:

*Simon Davis (D Young & C) on computer-implemented inventions
*Part 2 of Gill Grassie’s (Maclay Murray & Spens) parallel importation and trade marks article
*Amit Jamsandekar (Dr Tlzapurkar’s Chambers) on the Indian Trade Marks Act
*Gwilym Roberts (Kilburn & Strode) on the patent agent’s view of Patent Office opinions
*Weixiao Wei (University of Strathclyde) on ISP liability in relation to copyright and defamation in China and the UK
*Jeremy Reed (Hogarth Chambers) on the ECJ’s Feta case
*Lucy Harrold (Stephenson Harwood) on the AG’s Opinion in the latest round of the Boehringer Ingelheim saga
*A Kelly Gill (Gowling) on the Canadian Supreme Court’s recent flock of famous mark decisions
*Book reviews aplenty

(Right) There's more fun between the covers of the EIPR

Day Against DRM

Today was Day Against DRM says the Sydney Morning Herald, the aim of which was to raise awareness about DRM technology. The day was organised by Defective by Design – an offshoot of the Free Software Foundation – who argue that DRM renders many applications, such as iTunes, inherently defective in design.

The IPKat [wearing his conspiracy theory claws] wonders what the true effects of DRM really are. How many people can distinguish whether actions that they attempt to perform are rendered impossible by DRM, rather than their technical incompetence?

Lawyer of the week

Congratulations to Gregor Grant of Marks & Clerk who, fresh from his victory in the Hackney v Nike case, is The Times’ lawyer of the week.
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