Dob, dob, dob

United Press International reports that Boy Scouts in Los Angeles can work towards a badge for learning about ‘piracy’. To earn the Respect Copyrights Activity badge, scouts follow a curriculum produced by the MPAA which includes the creation of a video public service announcement and visiting a video-sharing website.

Please excuse the IPKat while he goes to be sick in the corner.

WIPO slip up

Chosun reports that WIPO made a bit of a mistake in its global patent survey. It seems that South Korea should have come third, but didn’t, because some EPO filings were counted twice. The EPO now slips down from third to fourth.

South Korea is given its rightful place in the charts

The IPKat is unimpressed.
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Anonymous said...

Why is the IPKat so critical of this move by the Los Angeles Boy Scouts to educate its members in copyright law? Since it is likely that most unauthorised copying of music and videos will be carried out by the younger generation, does it not make sense to help to explain the wrongs of this?

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