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Monday, 8 January 2007

Latest World TM Review

Latest World Trademark Review

The eponymous website of theWorld Trademark Review, a stable-mate for Globe's Intellectual Asset Management, still features the cover of issue 1, even though it's now up to the fourth issue (November/December 2006). Don't let this put you off, since there are some good features in it. The IPKat recommends the following:

* Staff writer VĂ©ronique Musson profiles Charles Jeffrey Duke, the man responsible for protecting the ZIPPO brand of functional yet collectable lighters;

* Yukukazu Hanamizu (Yuasa & Hara, Tokyo) strikes a positive note regarding Japan's not-so-secret ambitions to rise on a tide of IP-protection-based investment;

* for those whose view of Switzerland is bounded by eidelweiss (above) and Toblerone (right), there's a multi-part review of this small but critical jurisdiction at the doorstep of the European Union.
And here's a question from Merpel for the publishers: you're putting together a very attractive product - but why don't you update your website so that people can see what your current issue actually looks like and what lies between the covers?

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