1000 and counting!

The IPKat would like to proudly announce the arrival of its 1000th email subscriber. Joanna Westwood, a new arrival at trade mark and patent attorneys Wilson Gunn in Birmingham, achieves this accolade after subscribing last Friday to the free Google Groups email service associated with this blog.

Right: The IPKat has a thousand layer (millefeuille) cake from posh French cake shop Laduree to celebrate

While an unaccounted-for number of people are also taking benefit of the RSS feeds offered by the IPKat (here and here), many obviously still prefer the immediacy and technological ease of having the Kat's mewsings appear in their inbox. The Kats together hope that we can continue to inform and amuse you for many emails to come.
For anyone wishing to subscribe, simply fill in your email address in the box on the blog. Google Groups will help you do the rest. For those of you already subscribed, don't forget that you can alter how you receive your emails by going here, or you can email the IPKat here to ask for help.
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