WIPO focuses on non-infringements

A World Intellectual Property Organization press release, entitled "Seminar Examines Opportunities and Challenges of Legitimate Distribution of Copyright Works Online in Asia-Pacific Region", announces a forthcoming seminar this Tuesday, 10 July. The title somewhat bemused the poor, puzzled IPKat, who has got so used to discussions and initiatives to deal with illegitimate distribution that he'd quite forgotten about all those problems posed by legitimate trade. Merpel says, aren't they the problems that competition lawyers always get so excited about? For further details of the seminar click here.

And while we're on the subject of WIPO, another press release announces "Director General of WIPO and President of Bulgaria Highlight the Economic Importance of Creative Industries". Well, that's good news. If those two luminaries hadn't taken the initiative in highlighting the economic importance of creative industries, there was always that risk that some of us might not have spotted it...

Most recent estimated value of the Coca-Cola brand: US$55 billion
Bulgaria's Gross Domestic Product (at the official exchange rate): US$28.06 billion
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