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Wednesday, 15 August 2007

ECTA roundtable on new Belgian law

The IPKat's friend Marius Schneider informs him of a Round Table,

"New Weapons in the Fight against Counterfeiting in the Heart of Europe", which ECTA is organising on 7 September 2007, to examine the Belgian anti-counterfeiting law of 18 July 2007. Says Marius: "The Round Table will be the ideal opportunity for right holders and their representatives to share views with officials and magistrates in an academic, but yet relaxed atmosphere.

The round table will contain three sessions: the first relates to border measures and the new customs offence and will be chaired by
Marius Schneider of Eeman & Partners, the second on criminal law will be animated by Olivier Vrins of Altius. The third part relating to the new inspection powers of the Ministry of Economy will be moderated by Annick Mottet of Lontings & Partners.

Speakers include Mrs Christine Laï (Director of Union des Fabricants), Frédérique Hostier (substitute public prosecutor), Christian Tournié (EC Commission expert) and Anne Slivko (Ministry of economy).

Simultaneous translation into English will be available".
If you want to register, click here. Further details of the programme here.

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