Calling all WIPO whistleblowers

The IPKat has received a number of communications in response to his question: "where should people with serious allegations and/or actual evidence of wrongdoing within WIPO send their information?" (see earlier post here and letter from Cincinnatus here).

Right: whistleblowing at WIPO is likely to be done in a big, big way

The consensus appears to be that the Swiss government is highly concerned and probably more likely to act upon information received. Information should, it seems, be sent to the following address:

Federal Department of Foreign Affairs
Swiss Confederation
Press and Information Service, Bundeshaus West CH-3003 Berne
Tel.: (+41) 031 322 31 53Fax: (+41) 031 324 90 47, email here
Another correspondent suggests that any further allegations should be sent not only to the Swiss Foreign Office but also to the Swiss Federal Institute of Intellectual Property in Berne (contact details available here).
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