Happy new year!

2007 saw many milestones for the IPKat weblog.

* During the year we received 266,427 casual visits, an increase of 94.96% over the 2006 figure of 136,654.

* The number of email subscribers to the IPKat's posts now stands at 1,435.

Right: the IPKat, Merpel and Tufty are all a little bleary-eyed after partying away on New Year's Eve (artwork by Paula DiLeo)

* A further 857 people receive the latest from the IPKat by RSS feeds.

* On 10 December we received 2,251 casual visitors in the course of the day -- the busiest day in the weblog's history.

* In week 50 of the year (the second week of December) a total of 11,745 visitors came to the site.

* This December was also our best month on record. The 34,632 casual visits we received was the first time we've ever topped the 30,000 figure in a single month.

* On Christmas Day, the number of visitors was a remarkable 570 souls--so if you work on Christmas, you can guess that you are not alone.

The IPKat, together with Merpel and Tufty, wish to thank all their readers for continuing to read the blog, post comments, answer requests for information, enter competitions, write emails and generally make this weblog more of a real community of IP enthusiasts.
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