Mr Clean too dirty?

The IPKat's good friend and blogging colleague Frédéric Glaize has drawn his attention to an article published in Le Monde a week ago. This piece reports the tale of Pierre Chevalier, who had in the past portrayed "Mr Propre" (Mr Clean) for advertising purposes. M. Chevalier was told that his trailer was too dirty and must be moved. The trailer at stake has been parked on the camping of Parc des Roches in Saint-Chéron (Essonne) and had been left there since August by its owner. In November, Philippe Waver became the manager of the camping of Parc des Roches and wanted the trailer out, aiming at obtaining a fourth star for his camping. The bald actor told the journalist that the whole camping premises were closed and that the all other parking lots were as dirty as his.

The IPKat wonders whether this publicity will damage the goodwill in M. Chevalier's "Mr Clean" image, or whether it will open up fresh opportunities for diversity into areas in which cleanliness is not a merchandable commodity.
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