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Wednesday, 5 March 2008

Modernisation and consolidation of the UK trade marks rules

A notice posted on the UK IPO website mentions that the Trade Marks Rules 2000 have been amended seven times since they came into force, resulting in some unnecessary duplication and possible causes of confusion. The UK IPO plans to produce a new consolidated edition of the Rules, incorporating numerous changes. This consolidation has four purposes:

* consolidation of existing changes to the Trade Marks Rules 2000 in order to increase accessibility and remove existing duplication, inconsistency and possible confusion;

* bringing the UK fully into line with international best practice and enabling ratification of the Singapore Treaty;

* making the tribunal system more flexible, efficient and proportionate;

* introducing business changes so as to increase the speed and efficiency of processes and reduce costs.
UK IPO wants to receive the widest possible range of views on the proposals, which you can read as a PDF Modernisation and consolidation of the Trade marks rules (442Kb) or as a Word document Modernisation and consolidation of the Trade marks rules (3.87Mb).

The deadline for responses to this consultation is 26 May 2008, by which time any post-INTA Meeting hangovers should have cleared. Comments may be sent by email, fax or post to Trade Mark Rules Consultation, Room 2 R20, UK Intellectual Property Office, Concept House, Cardiff Road, Newport NP10 8QQ (email The IPKat is sad that there are no prizes for the best responses. Merpel says, I like that bit about the previous changes "resulting in some unnecessary duplication": this is to be contrasted, presumably, with "necessary duplication" ...

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