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Monday, 14 April 2008

Format shifting and the Brave New World Order

The IPKat doesn't often send his readers to visit other weblogs, but he thinks his copyright-oriented readers should look carefully at Bill Patry's take here on what he calls "the new perverted reverse value theory of copyright". As good Brits, many of us have been weaned on the "if it's worth copying, it's worth protecting" principle -- and in the past that principle has served the UK market very well. But with the globalisation of IP markets and the technological metamorphosis that has shifted the balance of power and convenience from producers to consumers, it is difficult to see how that principle can be made to work.

Whether you agree with Bill Patry or not, he has taken a serious look at the theoretical and real-world options for us when we decide what to do with our brave new copyright media. The Kat would love to know what his readers think.

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