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For those who like pork pies (the edible variety, that is, rather than the fictional sort), there's some welcome news: an application has finally been made to have the term MELTON MOWBRAY PORK PIE registered as a protected geographical indication. More details -- including the bewilderingly defined geographical area within which pies may be called MELTON MOWBRAY - can be found here.

Meanwhile, the IPKat thanks Chris Ellins (University of Westminster, London) for this link to the saga of the heirs of the late actor Steve McQueen, who have gone to a Manhattan court to stop an apparel manufacturer from using his name and likeness to promote its products without their consent.

The heirs, through the Chadwick McQueen and The Terry McQueen Testamentary Trust, object to an alleged "rip-off" by Belstaff USA Corp., seeking injunctive relief to stop the company selling jackets, coats, sweaters, T-shirts, pants and shoes bearing McQueen's name. Belstaff's response is here; pictures and background (including a picture of the lining to the contested jacket referring to Steve McQueen) here.

Left: Steve McQueen, posing for and Abercrombie & Fitch advertisement ...

Never one to be forgotten, the IPKat's friend Miri Frankel (a Beanstalk person from across the Pond), has been telling him all about Woody Allen's attempt to strip another clothing company that is better known for what its models don't wear than what they do -- American Apparel -- of at least US$10 million for using his image on billboards and on the internet.

Right: if they can't use Woody Allen's likeness on their billboards, AA have to resort to something like this ...

Allen says he doesn't endorse commercial products or services in the United States, which made American Apparel's billboards in Hollywood and New York and webite displays "especially egregious and damaging". The Kats await further developments.

The Onion, having a little fun at American Apparel's expense, here
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