Unsolved mysteries

1. Whatever happened to the logo of ZimCopy? ZimCopy is the Reproduction Rights Organisation of Zimbabwe and its website is here. As you can see if you follow the link, there's a little red cross where the logo should be, which leads to an irretrievable web page here. Google and Yahoo! image searches for "zimcopy logo" and then "zimcopy" revealed no logo either. Has anyone seen the ZimCopy logo? Does it exist? If you know, please email the IPKat here.

2. Why are Irish written grounds in trade mark hearings no longer put on the Irish Patents Office website? This question is not new, it having been posed to the readers of the Class 46 European trade mark blog three weeks ago (you can read the question in full here), but no answer was forthcoming. Since the original question was asked, another case has indeed been posted, Tim Cleary's decision in the Archers case, dated 30 July 2007. Lots more decisions have been given since when, so where are they--and why aren't they being posted?
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Anonymous said...

It may be that, despite appearances to the contrary, ZimCopy has been abolished:


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