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Tuesday, 13 May 2008

WIPO - the second round

Further news of the WIPO Director General election, via Intellectual Property Watch (which carries some useful background information as to how the election actually works).

After the second round the candidates stand as follows:

Francis Gurry (Australia), 26
José Graça Aranha (Brazil), 18
Masood Khan (Pakistan), 13
Yoshiyuki Takagi (Japan), 8
Alicja Adamczak (Poland), 4
Boris Simonov (Russia), 4
Jorge Amigo Castañeda (Mexico), 3
Enrique Manalo (Philippines), 2
Philippe Petit (France), 2
José Delmer Urbizo (Honduras), 2
James Otieno Odek (Kenya), 1
Toufiq Ali (Bangladesh) withdrew before this round.

To the IPKat it looks as though Francis Gurry's strengthened position will demonstrate the momentum to carry him through, since it is hard to imagine any basis for a "stop Gurry" campaign and it is difficult to conceive of a common platform for his opponents to adopt.

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