2,000 and still going strong!

On 22 June 2005 the IPKat and Merpel established their email readers' list, to enable readers of this weblog to receive the latest postings in the comfort of their own in-trays, without the need to exercise their furrowed browsers. Today, virtually three years to the day, the 2,000th email subscriber has joined the list. Although this is just an arbitrary figure, the Kats are thrilled at this -- it shows that even a so-called "niche subject" like intellectual property can attract and sustain a large and growing readership.

On behalf of all of the blogging team, the Kats would like to say a huge thank-you to all of their readers. Your comments, suggestions, links and even the occasional holiday snaps have been an inspiration (and often a provocation) to us all. Another thank-you, just as heartfelt, goes to the authors, inventors, artists, musicians, judges, legislators, bureaucrats, marketeers, rights owners and litigants who have made this all possible.

Right: cards of this lovely illustration of the Kats celebrating can be acquired from the Bengalized Studio Store Art Cards for a moderate consideration
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