Choose a picture for Tufty!

IPKat fan Denise McFarland suggested a while ago to one of my human amenuenses that it might be a nice idea to allow our readers to choose the picture of me used on the IPKat's sidebar.  This seemed like a good idea to me, although the IPKat's human representatives were far too modest to allow others to pick their best sides.  

So, just for a bit of fun to break up all this tedious discussion about intellectual property, even though my paws make keyboards difficult to operate I have at last put up a selection of pictures of me for you, dear readers, to choose from.  These are on the blog sidebar (at, if you are reading this by email) in the form of a poll, courtesy of  A larger version of each photo can be seen by clicking on the images. 

Once you have picked your favourite, simply click on the 'vote' button.   The final results will be announced once we have enough votes.   

Happy voting!


Choose a picture for Tufty! Choose a picture for Tufty! Reviewed by Tufty the Cat on Saturday, January 24, 2009 Rating: 5


Anonymous said...

I am not sure a picture of a Cat killing a rabbit (or something similar) is what we really want to see.

Anonymous said...

Were any animals injured in these pictures? It seems so.

Tufty appears mean and cruel, gratuitously killing little animals.

Say it isn't so. If it is, maybe he should become the mascot for IFPI, RIAA, BSA, and/or MPAA.

Ah, maybe life is inevitably short, nasty and brutish.

I vote for none of the above.

Anonymous said...

I used to think that Tufty was cute and cuddly.

He now appears to be nasty, British and short.

He needs sensitivity training, anger management and rehabilitation before I can vote for him.

I am assuming he is a he. Maybe he is a she. Then, if so, I reiterate a fortiori.

Howard Knopf said...

I wonder if you may be encroaching on Tufty's right of purr-sonality, which is one of my pet topics.

Did anyone "pause" to ensure that Tufty has independent counsel?

Anonymous said...

These pictures make Tufty look rather fur-tive.

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