Access to medicine; memorial service

Cheaper drugs for developing countries

The IPKat apologies for having missed the fact that GSK has announced that it will cut drug prices in 50 countries in the developing world (reported here in the BBC). Patented formulas and processes owned by GSK under patent will be shared with researchers. GSK will also reivest 20% of the firm's profits in the developing world in hospitals and clinics there.

The IPKat welcomes this announcement. Yes, a patent can be used in any way its owner wants, and yes it can be used to gain a monopoly rent, but a patent owner also has the right to use his patent in an altruistic way. GSK has raised the game here and the IPKat wonders whether competitors will follow suit.


The IPKat draws his readers' notice to the following announcement:
LADDIE, Hugh Ian Lang, a Thanksgiving for
the Life and Work of Professor Sir Hugh Laddie
will take place at Middle Temple Hall, EC4 9AT
on 4 March 2009 at 6pm. Reception follows.
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