Fordham again; PatLit poll

Yesterday the IPKat posted the good news that IPKat readers who were first-timers at this year's Fordham Conference were entitled to a 25% discount on the registration fee. The Kat has now discovered that what the organisers meant to say was that this discount applies to anyone who has not yet registered this year, whether they have registered for previous events or not. If you've the time and the opportunity, please take the plunge and register: you'll never regret it!
If you want the discount, please apply by email to Alice Wong. Do not attempt to register online.

Meanwhile, the PatLit weblog is running an opinion poll, which you can find in its side bar. The question is this: "Given the current state of play in the pharmaceutical sector, where would you invest your pension fund?" The poll gives three options. The poll finishes in six days' time, so please be sure to vote if you can.
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