Microsoft tops Superbrands survey

The IPKat has learnt from the BBC that that Microsoft has won the 12th annual top 500 Superbrands survey. The top 10 brands are:

4.British Airways
10.Encyclopaedia Britannica

The IPKat was a little puzzled to see Rolex and Mercedez-Benz in there in these credit-crunch ridden times until he read that the criteria are quality, reliability and distinction in the sense of being differentiated from competitors. Of the supermarkets, only Sainsburys makes the top 100. It seems, says the IPKat, that criteria for good branding don't always equate to profitability.
Microsoft tops Superbrands survey Microsoft tops Superbrands survey Reviewed by Unknown on Wednesday, July 15, 2009 Rating: 5


Anonymous said...

Quality7 Reliability? Microsoft?

Which one of those three words don't fit with the other two?


Anonymous said...

That's the power of marketing for you. Style over substance wins everytime (true of pretty much all the brands there, not just MS - especially Rolex).

Anonymous said...

If you reboot your PC you will find the list in a different order.

John Halton said...

I was surprised to see Microsoft there after I read that the criteria were "quality, reliability and distinction"...


Anonymous said...

BA? What planet are these people living on?

Anonymous said...

Around here Rolex is the symbol of tackiness and it doesn't help that many of these are Asian imitations, aka Lollex.

I am no horologist but have no problems in naming several other brands that speak of quality, reliability and distinction.

Anonymous said...

Rolls Royce any1?

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